• Monday, 30 November, 2020 12:48:AM

     The sad demise of Ahmad Patel is a very big blow to the Congress Party and the present leadership. Sources say, at the beginning of October he was admitted to a hospital of his friend at Ghaziabad. He was found Corona positive. Later after treatment went back but during his stay at the hospital, sources add he was always alert and continuously talking to all the leaders of his party and associates. He was instrumental in finding solutions in Bihar, though not much was in hand but convinced all about ground realities of Seemanchal and the challenge of Owaisi and his party AIMIM in the area. He was always active even at late night over his multi mobiles to discuss political situations and extend his advice to party leaders and High commands as well. During his last 15 to 20 years of stay at the central stage in the party, managed many challenges in favor of the Congress party. He, sources say tried his best to remove differences between leaders of the new and old generation but could not do the best. Sources say it will be difficult for Congress leadership to fill up his position and find out such talented, dependable leader to take the party along and win the confidence of not only of his party workers and leaders but of also other political parties? 


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