• Monday, 30 November, 2020 12:48:AM

    Nitish Kumar was trying to finalize seat adjustment for Vidhan Sabha by last September but BJP was delayed. Sources say in the last Vidhan Sabha, JD(U) was having a strength of 71 and BJP 54 and based on proportionate division out of 12 seats, JD(U) wanted to have 7 seats and ready to give 5 seats to BJP, sources say BJP wanted 6 seats, which was not agreed by JD(U)but the situation has changed dramatically and in present Vidhan Sabha, BJP is having 74 seats and JD(U) -43, on proportional division now BJP wants 7 seats and ready to give 5 seats to JD(U). Sources say, the responsibility to decide the number of seats, Bhupendra Yadav has been authorized but presently he is busy in the local election at Hyderabad and any decision is likely only after 1 st of December. Yadav after coming back from the present assignment and discussions with central leaders likely to visit Patna to take a call on the subject. Two more seats of the general category, one due to the election of Vinod Narayan Jha as MLA and another nomination of Sushil Modi for Rajya Sabha, also likely to be filled. Leaders of BJP and JD(U) will have to take a very difficult task to select candidates after taking care of all combinations and arrangements?


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