• Monday, 04 January, 2021 12:45:AM

    Round of discussions and meeting is going on between ministers an leaders of Kisaan. Ministers taken to lunch with leaders of Kisaans from the items brought for the leaders and leaders sipped tea provided by the government. Sources say this was probably a move to show that things are going in the right direction but the social media and spoke persons of Kisaan tell some other story. The Kisaan wants repeal of Kisaan bill and not ready to budge for anything less than repeal. Sources say, in contradiction of government stand, Kisaans from other states are daily joining the agitation at Delhi and also new leaders from foreign countries are also coming in support. During this cold wave, the continued dharna, if the indication of anything than it is clear that government will have to work a lot more to convince the leaders to settle for something less than the repeal of Kisaan bill?


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