• Monday, 11 January, 2021 12:48:PM

    Mamta Ji feels that if Muslim votes are divided, it will be difficult for her to put serious challenges to BJP. Voters of West Bengal likely to consolidated and support of all communities requires to win the election and visit of holy place Future by Mr Owaisi and meeting with the head of the place  Maulvi Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui, sources say, not very supportive to Didi and already on record that CM of West Bengal is only interested in votes of Muslims and so far not done any good to the community. Sources say the alliance has also been declared, raising little worry for her. Sources say Muslim votes are deciding factors in approximately 90 constituencies and unless she consolidates all votes it will be little difficult for her to get seats in her favour and after discussions between Siddiqui and Owaisi, though not out in open, has given a positive sign to BJP because division in voters likely to help BJP because unless voters are divided, it will be difficult for BJP not likely to defeat Mamta Di?



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