• Monday, 15 February, 2021 01:06:AM

    The first face of budget session to complete on 15th February but it has already closed on 13th. The budget session is to go up to 8th April but as goings are in corridors the session likely to close earlier also, sources say. PM, sources say is busy finalising a name for inclusion in the cabinet and probably to discuss the name from JD(U), Mr Nitish Kumar was called to the capital but meeting held on last Thursday after a wait of two days, sources say. Inclusion of Lallan Singh and Kaushalendr into the cabinet, both close to CM of Bihar probably discussed because R C P Singh is now National President of JD(U) but overall the preference of CM was not to have a power centre in the capital but if possible the two names likely to figure, sources say. CM of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha refused to nominate any member for cabinet, CM of Odisha even refused to see Mehtaab as Deputy Speaker, sources say


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