• Monday, 22 February, 2021 12:38:AM

    Anand Sharma is also one of the signatories of a letter written to Mrs Sonia Gandhi by 23 leaders for improvement in party functioning. Though the matter is almost forgotten effects are still seen in the decisions of the party, sources say. Kuldeep Singh Rathore is the state President of the party but leaders of the party are not happy and say that so far he has not won any elections even of local level but as claimed by proximity with Mr Anand Sharma always remained in the limelight and held many positions even once state spokesman, sources say. The matter has been brought to the knowledge of the national media unit by General Secretary of party R S Bali, sources say. Rathore is continuing as President from 2019 despite losing all the four Lok Sabha seat only with the blessings of Sharma, sources say.


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