• Monday, 22 February, 2021 12:38:AM

     It's announced that the Panchayat election will be conducted by April due to the start of examinations of Boards which is to start from 24th April. The reservation list for the President of Panchayats already finalized. Reservation list likely to be announced of Panchayats by 21 st March and it's a compulsion for Yogi to complete the entire election process by the start of examinations, sources say. Sources say, CM of UP knows that impact of Kisaan andolan has gone in deep between Jats and Kissans of western UP, Awadh and all other areas excluding eastern UP, the impact is also seen in Haryana amongst Jats now. Sources say in all last elections Jats solidly supported BJP but the scene will be different this time, sources say. 19 Jat majority area seats of Lok Sabha and around 55 MLA seats are adversely effected likewise seats in Haryana are also go another way. Sources say the impact though not directly affect the government but will convey the message that BJP is losing grip of over-committed voters and prospects of the party likely to be hampered. Considering all these, sources say Shah has recently called a meeting of Jat leaders and strictly conveyed that simply sitting in the house will not do and they will have to go to all areas including Khaps and explain positive points of Krishi Bill. It is also learnt, sources say that the central government likely to go soft on the bill and call Kissan leaders for dialogue with new proposals?


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