• Monday, 22 February, 2021 12:38:AM

     In 2016, Mrs Bedi took charge with a lot of fun and fare and worked with sincerity to keep the government of Samy on the toe, sources say. The rift was so bitter that no development took place during this last four and half years of her stay. BJP party members and leaders including MLAs were perturbed and lodged many complaints to the central government with a request to remove her from the post of Puducherry Lieutenant governor. Elections are due in May and without any development, it will be difficult for present representative s to face the public. Congress MLAs were also not happy with her continuance, sources say. Eight MLAs of the Congress party were ready to join BJP to topple the Samy government but their one-point demand was to remove Bedi. The recent meeting of Congress MLAs with HM resulted in the removal of Mrs Bedi to go ahead with developmental work in the state but probably, sources say, BJP will not topple the government even defeated on the floor of the house and will allow Samy to continue as caretaker government?


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