• Monday, 22 March, 2021 09:50:AM

    On the advice of the party high command Rawat, in charge of Punjab has taken initiative to bring both leaders together and succeeded. Sources say in a farmhouse they met for about forty-five minutes over tea and probably discussed the further necessary measures to be taken to ensure the return of the party in power after the next elections. In the background of Kisaan andolaan, the Congress party feels that both leaders close their rank it will be easy for the party to show better results. Sources say both the leaders gone on record after meeting that it was fruitful. Sources say Siddhu wanted to have some good ministry in the cabinet whereas Captain is ready to give him the portfolio of energy that is vacant after his resignation. Siddhu is close to Rahul and Mrs Priyanka Gandhi and also a star campaigner and his presence in the party forefront will be beneficial, party high command thinks. Sources say it will be interesting to see how Captain reacts to all media reports and accommodate Siddhu in his team?


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