• Monday, 22 March, 2021 09:50:AM

    Bengal elections gained a lot of attention, BJP is trying its best to dislodge the TMC government. Hot rumours are going on in almost all political circle that TMC and Left- Congress has already formed a secret alliance, sources say. BJP claims that giving the ticket to the non-Muslim candidate by CPI (M), speaks that Congress and Left allies do not want to share votes of the Muslim community. About 30 % of voters are of the Muslim community in the constituency. IMF wanted to give the ticket to their candidate but the decision of CPI(M) prevailed. Sources say, the Muslim community is so far in the favour of Didi and to avoid division of votes, chances for big margin victory can’t be ruled out from the Nandigram constituency. Likewise instead of this adjustment CPI (M) has accepted the ticket to IMF, for the Bhangadh constituency where CPI (M) is having the upper hand. Muslim population in the constituency is quite large and the probability to win the seat by Muslim candidate is high, TMC also in the fray but with a Hindu candidate, sources say. All this combination and understanding between these parties has given sleepless night for BJP? 


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