• Monday, 29 March, 2021 11:49:AM

     Mrs. Gandhi during her campaign in Assam and other states continued to keep her target fixed on Ambani and Adani. Sources say she tried to convince the audience that the central government in collaboration with these two is trying to sell all government properties or hand them over to friends to handle in the future and earn. Handing over the airport of Guwahati to one of close friend also figured many times. Sources say the transfer of two black panthers to the private zoo of a big businessman to enjoy in private by children of these people also came to the top of the agenda, she did not forget two mentions that animal lovers staged dharna and rally against the transfer of black panthers but of no use. Sources say she repeatedly telling that if unfortunately, BJP comes to power all the properties of the state, on which the state people feel proud will go away in the hand of some private persons. She is continuing to target these businessmen in all her speeches to gain some sympathy for her party, sources say?


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