• Monday, 05 April, 2021 11:13:AM

      Campaigning for Tamilnadu state elections is on the high pitch. All political parties are trying their best to increase vote percentage and ultimately form the government. BJP is fighting elections in coalition with the ruling AIADMK. All BJP candidates have been instructed to have a photo of Modi on all publicity material but the candidate from Thousand Lights constituency got printed big-size photos of Amma instead of Modi ji. Sources say candidates of coalition probably realized that photograph of Modi on posters instead to add value likely to distract the attention of voters, a really rare feeling for Tamilnadu voters, the entire country loves to see photos of Modi and gives due recognition of his work done for poor but the action of Ms Khoosboo Sundar is probably well thoughtful after having feedback from grass-root workers and the present CM, sources say also felt necessity of having a photo of Amma to attract voters to his fold. The change is visible and photos of Amma also appear in the posters now. The recent announcement of a cut in interest rates on small-scale savings and withdrawal within hours totally against the policy of the government is also seen as the failure to understand the mood of the public. The damage done with the announcement of a cut in interest rates especially in West Bengal is phenomenal because West Bengal is on the top of the list with 13 to 14 % savers leaving behind UP at second position. Seems that some good idea and thought prevail and the government withdrew the cut which saved the face of the central government during campaigning. Sources say it is sure that after some time some head will roll for such untimely decisions in the ministry of finance?


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