• Monday, 17 January, 2022 01:29:AM

    SP is very happy with the ongoing process in BJP but it is not yet declared sources say, who is behind the curtain to manage such devastating scenario in BJP despite having all resources available to the party to know in-outs. Sources say most of the knowledgeable observers feel that Mulayam Singh and Shivpal Singh had played a major role in arranging these exoduses. Still, both are having relations, contacts, and regards amongst the leaders of the old era and their phone calls had made such massive setbacks. Sources say  Shivpal Singh was entrusted to work on leaders who joined BJP after leaving BSP and feeling suffocated, his true maneuver worked and all are with SP. Sources say Shivpal Singh and Swami Prasad had worked together some times and had many common interests. Mulayam Singh with one call to Harishankar Tewari, a very strong leader of Purvanchal UP, sources say convinced him to join SP despite rumors that he will join Congress. This all proved that old guards are still having control over the politics of UP. Sources say BJP got the hint that Dharmpal Saini will join SP and convince him not to even charter plane was despatched from Delhi to Lucknow to take him for talk but stay of two days of the plane remained unsuccessful and Saini instead to go to Delhi joined SP. 


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