• Monday, 03 October, 2022 09:07:PM

      Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi were to meet to discuss opposition unity for the 2024 elections. Ashok Chaudhary, the ex-state Congress President switched over to JD(U) in the past and joined the ministry of Nitish Kumar but still pretends that he is maintaining good relations with Rahul Gandhi source says. Going by the words of Chaudhary, Nitish Kumar took him along but just after entering the room, expression of Rahul changed and he asked Chaudhary directly, in which party he is now a source says. Nitish Kumar understood the situation and managed to send him out before the meeting to have one to one meeting source says. Rahul Gandhi even refused to come in frame with him for customary photo source says. Later Chaudhary posted one photo on social media but researchers digger out that photo is of the winter season and not of now as claimed by the minister source says?


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