• Monday, 03 October, 2022 09:08:PM

     RSS publicity units tried all the methods available to them to publicize the meeting of the Chief of RSS with Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, Chief of Gol masjid source says. This was not the first meeting that the Chief of RSS met the Imam of Gol masjid but always kept on low profile source says. The father of Iliyasi, Late Maulana Jamil Iliyasi, and Late K Sudarshan ex-Chief of RSS met frequently and on his death, Late Sudarshan even went to Gol Masjid to offer condolences source says. Senior Iliyasi was also known as India gate Fakir. Chief of RSS this time straight went from Jhandewalan to the office of Iliyasi this time after ignoring many requests of Iliyasi, who source says was trying hard to continue the good relations as was maintained by his late father during the time of Late K Sudarshan and this time Chief of RSS accepted his request though many were not happy with this program source says. Observers say this bold step of the Chief of RSS of damage control after unwanted comments on Muslims by an ex-BJP spokesperson. The comment was criticized by many countries source says. Seems meetings cleared many unwanted doubts and now the Muslims of the country and elsewhere do not consider RSS opposed to their religion source says?


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