• Monday, 31 July, 2017 10:40:AM

    Modi likely to reshuffle his cabinet by next month. Some important ministries are running headless for some time. After shifting of Pannikar to Goa, the most important Defence Ministry is not having any regular Minister and is being taken care by Arun Jaitly. Similarly after sad demise of Environment Minister Anil Dave, Harshwardhan is looking after that ministary. Venkiaya Naidu resigned from ministry after being nominated for Vice President, he was heading two important ministries, which are now being looked after by other ministers. This cannot be run for long? Sources says next reshuffle is likely to take place after 15th of August 2017. Recent nomination of Amit Shah for Rajya Sabha from Gujrat is likely to change all scenario and Jaitly likely to be relieved from leader of Rajya Sabha and Amit Shah to take over. The change likely to make BJP members more aggressive. Probably Shah may take over the ministry of Home or Defence. Some new faces are also expected to join and some non-performing ministers may be shifted to other important work. The induction of party President probably would relive burden from the shoulders of Prime Minister.


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