• Monday, 07 August, 2017 10:31:AM

    Congress is slipping grounds after 2014 Loksabha elections .But even after loosing elections lot of groupism and leg pulling between leaders brought condition to worst. Non presence of charismatic leaders in party also affected party prospects. Poor party management, delay in taking decisions due to non-cohesive approach probably leading to total wipe off of party from scene but recent decisions of top party functionaries given hope to party workers. Sources say that Rahul ji instructed Digvijay Singh, Jyotiraditya Sindhiya and Kamal Nath to work together to improve party prospects in state elections. BJP trying hard to retain power but anti- incumbency factors, some charges of corruption if properly projected Congress is hopeful to regain power in state. Vice President of Congress seems given ruling that selection of CM will be decided by MLA's after election. To show togetherness all the three to participate in all meetings and rallies of party. Congress party workers are hopeful that leaders will follow guidelines?


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