• Monday, 09 October, 2017 11:37:AM

    BJP has been ruling Gujarat since 2002. Since then Modi has remained star election campaigner for party but now party has adopted a different approach. The list for star campaigner is being finalised. Most of the state leaders and senior leaders of BJP are not very sure of their repeated tenure or performance. Reason being not-so-strong leadership in the state and poor developments in the state are the main problems leading to this opinion. Most of the leaders have started spending their weekends in Gujarat. The implementation of central schemes  are being strictly  monitored by the leaders to woo the voters to counter the poor performance of state schemes. Even Gaurav Yatra of BJP President has not evoked any significant and expected response. In social media, the performance of state government are being discussed on sarcastic notes. Sources say that if this trend continues Mr Advani might be roped in for electioneering.


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