• Monday, 13 November, 2017 11:33:AM

    The first phase of election in Himachal Pradesh is over and Bhagwa party leaders are much excited about the declaration of Chief Minister at the last minutes by party. But the followers of Nadda are still hopeful that in the event of forming the next government by Prem Singh Dhumal, he will have to  relinquish the post after attaining 75 years of age within eighteen to twenty months and will have to join the Margdarshak Mandal. Therefter, Prem Singh Dhumal will have a chance to take the seat of Chief Minister, but some say that it is unlikely for a state having 30% Thakurs will accept a non-Thakur Chief Minister. The reply came in and one prominent leader said that when a party can have non Jat Chief Minister in Haryana, then a non-Maratha Chief Minister in Maharashtra and a non-Tribal Chief Minister in Jharkhand, then Himachal Pradesh can also have non-Thakur Chief Minister. Sources further add that it was the compulsions of the party to declare Chief Minister’s face to woo the Thakur votes as the party was not in a position to ignore because the raid conducted by the law enforcing authorities at the residence of Chief Minister on the wedding day of his daughter annoyed many Thakurs. Some sources also said that the Tribals were also not happy with such on-going raid. And, if this is allowed to continue this way, it would be difficult to regain the power they want.


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