• Monday, 13 November, 2017 11:33:AM

    GST, the economic revolution, was introduced with a lot of fanfare. It was projected as the best and largest tax reforms undertaken by any government. The purpose of GST was to simplify taxation system by bringing all the commodities under tax umbrella.

    On the ground of complexities only, GST could not be introduced earlier because the states were not ready for multiple tax structure. But after the change of guard of the state, leaders who opposed GST became the leaders of supporting parties and launched it in haste to take the credit for introducing such a reform without much home work.

    Sources say, this has back-fired and all the business communities have started opposing tax structure and high rates. The government is in a fix and has started re-thinking about it. More than six times the rates have been revised. The latest one was done, probably due to the feed back from Gujrat where elections are due. This has not happened for the first time, it is now common in the present era to change the rules according to the interest of some known?


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