• Monday, 27 November, 2017 11:10:AM

    BJP came to power with thumping majority on the equity of promise of good governance, secured environment for women's; crime-free society; superior law and order in the state; price control; and corruption free society. The announcement to make all the roads of state pot-hole free with in 100 days by Chief Minister was seen by the common people as an utter failure. Yet after approximately 200 days condition of roads are as usual, law and order gone bad to worst, no control over price hike and safety of women is worst as compared with the last ruling governments and other states. Local elections are being fought on local issues but PM Modi’s charisma still exists in this aspect as in spite of all failures public in general, people are still hopeful of having a better future under his aegis and leadership. Sources say, if BJP clears this, it will only affect the hope people have vested in the CM and PM, otherwise conditions are not very bright?


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