• Sunday, 03 December, 2017 09:49:PM

    Probably for the first time ever, after independence it has happened the session of Parliament is deferred for state election. The opposition parties blame that this has resulted in a short winter session. Sources say that the Member of Parliament of all parties (not openly though) but silently say that this has ruined their programme of the upcoming new year 2018. Many of them had to cancel their foreign trips and programs in country at some tourist places. There are talks that their family members are also annoyed with PM Modi's directives. But as disciplined party workers they are bound to obey the directives and now, they are burning midnight lanterns to study current affairs and party policies to defend the party in parliament so as to project good works of the BJP government. Some critics, however, say that the leaders of BJP never leave a chance in saying that Parliament is their "Temple of Democracy" and that they worship it, but after 1000 days these leaders only started dictating their terms on this Temple. They are now changing functions as per their convenience. This is going to be debated for long now, why winter session was delayed?


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