• Monday, 08 January, 2018 10:47:AM

    Nomination in Rajya Sabha by Delhi has become bunch of controversies because a lot is said and unsaid in this matter. AAP is in the position to nominate for the three positions, tried to send a popular figure to Rajya Sabha, but as said by the party no one accepted its offer. It was a really very astonishing fact, as every one in the country knows that occupying a position in Rajya Sabha is quite thrilling and most exciting achievement for anybody. Refusal by the statesman indicates that either they do not want to get themselves involved in the present scenario as the reputation of the party is so bad or that this theory has been floated where the party wants to snatch sympathy of the business community by nominating representative from this class. It is a very shrewd move of the party to keep an eye on 2019 elections or on assembly elections, which is also not very far away.


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