• Monday, 08 January, 2018 10:47:AM

    AAP has already declared three names for Rajya Sabha. Out of these three; two are from business communities, N D Gupta (a well known face from BJP, who has recently joined AAP) and another one, Sushil Gupta (a known figure from Congress party). Committed AAP workers are surprised with this selection and are not ready to digest. Between all controversies Sanjay Singh, Party President, functioned as convener during Punjab elections and has received many criticisms, but he is still very loyal to the party. He has got a ticket for the Rajya Sabha. Sources say, this only happens after a secret news received by CM that Singh and Kumar are engaged in a secret meeting and the decision taken is likely to go against the present leadership. To break this unity immediately, Singh was called hurriedly and offered a seat. Future is not settled yet, but to retain power party has to work hard.


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