• Monday, 05 February, 2018 11:24:AM

    BJP stalwarts are in favour of Parliament elections in 2019 after March where as Modi wants a general election along with the state Assembly elections of Rajasthan, MP, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh. One Jyotish leader who is very close to power seat is of opinion that “Shani’s” transit  in “Dhanu” rashi now will continue till March and during this period the country will see many changes like opposition of policies will be on peak, opposition leaders will form strong vocal group to highlight all failures and more. The government will also not perform according to the required pace, many failures will come on the way. Not just our country neighbours will also face a critical time. Imran of Pakistan and Ms Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh will also feel pinch of Shani. Going by all this problem, the “Choukdi” desires that the elections be held only after March 2019, when situations will come back to favour BJP. Sources say, it will be interesting to see whether Modi will succumb to the wishes of Jyotish or will go of his own for which he is known?



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