• Monday, 12 February, 2018 10:31:AM

    Opposition leaders now seem to have understood the power of unity; hence, in spite of many basic differences, they are coming together to give a tough fight to the ruling BJP in the centre. The meetings of senior leaders have become a common sight. 

    Recently, a meeting under Mrs Sonia Gandhi was arranged under the NDA banner where the former PM Manmohan Singh was in full command in educating leaders about the budget and its deficiencies. Leaders were seen taking notes of the important points some leaders were asking many questions to go public to expose policies with full knowledge of subject. The entire scenario was like a classroom’s, leaders as students and Manmohan Singh as a teacher.

    Mrs Sonia Gandhi and other leaders spoke at length on the necessity of unity. At last, the Congress President delivered a very emotional speech highlighting the need of change of guard. Sources say, days are not far away when opposition parties will contest election at the centre, together, though in states they contest against each other, this was also highlighted by Rahul Gandhi.


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