• Monday, 12 February, 2018 10:31:AM

    Kalraj Mishra is in the pipeline for new assignment, but due to some or the other reasons his “Tazposhi” is getting delayed. In the last appointments he was on top, but BJP is not taking chances because of the decline in number of MPs in the lower house. After 2014 elections, 283 members of BJP were in the house but at present only 274 are remaining, which is only two more than 272, and if the aliases do not join it will be difficult for BJP. The poor performance in by-elections has also increased worries. Some by-elections are due on 11th March and going with the present anti-incumbency factor, it is not very easy to repeat the last performance and this worries the party. Though BJP increases strength in the Rajya Sabha but more numbers in the Lok Sabha is also important.


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