• Monday, 12 February, 2018 10:31:AM

    The political commotions in Maldives, even though its an internal matter of the country has led the former President to request the Indian government to intervene and resolve an issue as was done during the previous similar problems, has created some concerns for the government of China. To influence the world trade control over sea route of trade, China wants to control and wants to have an influence on he countries around this route. Most of the countries are looking towards India to take a lead in dealing with the problems in the island country given its proximity and ability to influence events in the archipelago. 

    The President Abdulla Yameen has already declared emergency for 15 days and also placed Supreme Court Chief Justice under arrest. China is also having interests in going-on due to heavy investments in the country and yes, close proximity to the President is another factor. The international pressure on India to resolve this delicate game of conquering and China’s interest with the present regime has again brought both the countries to the front-face challenge, a point where strong leadership and diplomatic relations with the cautious moves required to avoid recurrence of Doklam?


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