• Monday, 12 March, 2018 10:48:AM

    Mrs Sitaraman was invited by the son of Chief Minister and Minister in CSR ministry, K T Ramarao to inaugurate one factory in Telangana constructed under “Make in India” program. The inauguration takes place just after a  day when the CM of Telangana uttered something bad to PM. Probably, BJP allowed her only to share the dais with the son of CM to give message to a state that in spite of spitting venom by a leader of the state, in the interest of public in general and for the success of Make in India program, the Defence Minister attended to provide prosperous livelihood to the people of area with great opportunity of employment. After official inauguration, sources say, minister desired to be left alone to talk to the press person. In that interaction, she criticised the CM and the policy and elaborated the reasons to attend to make her point clear that the central government is with the people of state.


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