• Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 09:10:AM

    After taking over the party, Rahul Gandhi is slowly passing on a message to all the party functionaries, including state chiefs to enhance their performance and if possible vacate the position for new faces to take charge. Reacting in the same line, Raj Babbar resigned from state Presidentship. Leaders are in waiting to hold the position. Sources say that this party is looking for a person having good rapport with Ms. Mayawati as well as with Akhilesh Yadav. This compulsion is only due to the 2019 elections where possibilities are high for alliances to challenge BJP. 

    Pramod Tiwari, a known face of Congress convinced the Party that he is very close to Ms. Mayawati and he can get her on call any time or even call her to meet Mrs Sonia Gandhi, anytime. Party functionaries desired to manage one talk between Mayawati ji and Sonia ji to at least move further on the alliance. Pramod Tiwari tried his best to get Mayawati ji on line, but she never obliged. Now, the party functions have started talking about when she avoided his call not once, but several times, how he will put her on call to talk to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and question to manage meetings between two, a big question mark and thus his claim proved to be an enthusiastic approach. Yet again, he missed the Bus?


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