• Monday, 16 April, 2018 10:27:AM

    After having a new President, Congress is trying to steal the limelight from the ruling party. Road shows, Dharnas and Road March has become a daily programme, but the amount of seriousness required for such programmes are not visible. A limited hour hunger strike was planned by the party and Delhi state congress was given responsibility to manage it and gather as much as public attention. And, in the series to attract it, it was planned to invite public to have breakfast with the leaders in a very famous shop near to hunger strike place.

    The WhatsApp message was some how leaked to the BJP functionaries and without wasting any time, it was handed over to the media. Immediately, BJP has taken this to the public, saying that the Congress party is not serious about the cause, but it is just cheating people because before going far hunger strike every one, including the Congress state President was seen in shop eating Puri Chole. Sources say, this leakage forced Rahul Gandhi to extend his stay up to 4 O’ clock, which was otherwise scheduled to 1 pm. The entire show was labelled as a big flop by the public.


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